Bible Reading: Have You Read the World’s Best-Selling Book?

Have you read the most-printed book of all time? According to Wikipedia, that book would be the Bible, which is at the top of their “List of most-printed single-volume books” with 5 billion plus copies.

For the record, the Quran comes in second at 4 billion. Charles Dickens “A Tale of Two Cities” is fifth on the list with 200 million copies. J.R.R. Tolkien has two works in the Top Ten – “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” (eight and nine, respectively).

The Guinness World Records website agrees with Wikipedia – “there is little doubt that the Bible is the world’s best-selling and most widely distributed book.”

The question I have for you today is this: Have you ever read the #1 best-selling and most widely published book in history? If not, I’d like to encourage you give it a try. And here’s an easy way to do so in a relatively short period of time.

Like any book, it’s important that you read the whole thing. Depending on what version you choose, the Bible is around 1,200 pages long. So if you’d like to read the Bible in a year, all you have to do is read 3-4 pages a day.

But let’s be a bit more realistic and assume that it’s unlikely you’ll read the Bible every day for the next 365 days. So how about this goal: you read the Bible five days a week for the next 50 weeks. This gives you a little breathing room, right?

Here’s the math on this approach: 1,200 pages divided by 250 days equals about 5 pages per day. That’s all it takes – five pages a day, five days a week, and you’ll have read the whole Bible in a year. What do you say? Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

If you goal is to read the Bible in a year, check your version to see how many pages it has. Whatever the amount, divide it by 250 to get the approximate number of pages you’ll need to read, assuming to go with the five days a week plan.

Of course, if you’d like to take less time, say six months instead of twelve, just double the number of pages per day.

One final comment: there’s no need to wait until January 1 to start. You can begin today! Any day is a good day to read the Bible, the best-selling book of all time.

Sell Books Online – How to Identify First Editions

If you have decided to sell books online – used or antiquarian books, specifically – one of the first skills you need to develop is knowing how to identify first editions.

The process of doing this, remember, is never one of looking for first editions; the focus should always be on eliminating candidates that aren’t. The best we can do in the field, when decisions to buy must be made almost instantaneously, is to start with a big pile of books, most of which have little or no value, and end up with a small pile of books, 50% or 75% of which will ultimately prove to be first editions. Then, if the price is right and condition is good, we can buy them and take them home for further investigation.

The most productive first step you can take in this process is to eliminate book club editions. Why? Because they far outnumber trade editions. Concentrate only on the most obvious designations. A blind stamp or printed mark on the lower right-hand corner of the back cover is an automatic toss, keeping in mind that publisher logos and ISBN numbers appearing in this same location do not indicate BCE status. The words “Book Club Edition” or similar ones appearing anywhere on the dust jacket or inside the book – another toss. The absence of a price on the dust jacket? Toss. The words “Literary Guild” on the dust jacket, spine or title page – toss. A “W” on the copyright page – toss. A five-digit code in a small box on the back of the dust jacket, a missing number string above the far right bar-code grouping on the back of the dust jacket, or any intuitive evidence (e.g., a laid-in book club slip or brochure) that indicates BCE status – toss.

Another productive step is to look for edition status on the copyright and/or title pages. Number strings that start with ‘2’ or greater numbers (recall, of course, the Random House exception), letter strings that start with ‘B’ or later letters, the word ‘reprint,’ words that imply a previous publication by a different publisher (e.g., permission to publish granted by so-and-so, first published by so-and-so), the presence of more than one copyright date (exception – a collection of stories, poems, essays, etc., reprinted from periodicals will often list multiple dates but may still be a first edition), dates on the title page and copyright page that don’t match, and again, any obvious intuitive indications (e.g., the words “second edition” or “second printing”) – all tosses.

A third step is to eliminate reprint publishers. The following article gets into more detail on this, but for the time being, if you simply memorize the following six publisher’s names, you’ll be three-fourths of the way home: A.L. Burt, Collier, Dial, Grosset & Dunlap, Tower and Triangle.

Finally, consider tossing books that are in poor condition or, especially if publication dates postdate the 1930’s, lack a dust jacket.

That’s it. Memorize this information and you’ll graduate from a clueless buyer of fiction into a reasonably accomplished one overnight.

Make an Extra $1000 Selling Books With Affiliates This Month

If you have a website and want to make money with it, you have probably heard of affiliates. If you are unsure of what an affiliate is, it is quite simple to explain.

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You can write reviews of books and post them on article directories as well. All of these articles, which can be republished across the Internet, will point back to your website. This will increase your traffic even more and provide more hits for your affiliate. It’s a winning situation all around.

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Do Educational Toys Live Up To The Hype?

In a world that is coming more and more competitive, parents are turning to educational toys to give them and their children the upper hand. However, there is a big separation in believers and non-believers. A lot of parents believe that educational toys have no purpose what so ever, while other parents swear by them. The question we’re going to try answer in this article is do learning toys work?

All of the educational toys that are developed are created by a team of experts. These are education professionals who are seasoned when it comes to childhood education. They know how children respond to information and how to get the most of your child’s natural ability. When you are deciding on whether you should make your own learning toys or to purchase them, you need to think about what you want to get from them.

The experts who have made those toys have thousands of combined hours that they have poured into the product. Each product is made so that your child can excel at a specific topic or theme. The books or toys have a specific purpose when it comes to educating your child.

Another reason why educational toys are so popular is simply because children love them – and are learning from them. They are designed with a lot of colours and pictures which makes it extremely stimulating for children. educational toys can come in a variety of forms. You can purchase books, actual electronic toys, flashcards, DVDs and even wooden toys that can be used for educational purposes.

In an effort for educational toys to have a better reputation amongst parents, there are studies being done to prove their worthiness. The truth is that the studies completed across the world are constantly showing that early education toys help a lot in improving the mental state of your child.

By using educational toys, parents are building the foundation of their child’s educational life. They are creating positive learning habits that will last a lifetime, into adulthood. The earlier that parents start working with them on their children’s early learning habits and their early learning experiences the more benefit children will derive from this later on in life.

If you want to give your child a head start in life, then start using educational toys. They are affordable and have proven themselves to be worth their weight in gold.

Melanie Thomas (CEO Melrose Kids Ltd) is a mother of two boys and lives in London, England. Melrose Kids Ltd are the official distributor of Brainy Baby® products in the UK and Ireland.

Uniform Education an Education Revolution in Tamil Nadu

Education can act as a powerful tool for reducing poverty and unemployment and achieving a sustained human development. When we compared our country education with other developed/developing country, the education in our country is not suitable to the current situation/practical life. All over the world governments are strictly follow the procedure of generating libraries along with schools, colleges etc. because the emperor Napoleon said the “Build up libraries otherwise we would build up prisons”.

Generally in all the countries are understand the importance of higher education. In 1980s American president Ronald Regan take several steps to improve the higher educations. In a survey, among the 10 world’s best universities, 9 universities are situated in America. Most of the countries are including the basic education as a human right. In our India itself the education quality in corporation schools and private institutions are having huge differences. For instance the education system in institutions like IIM, IIT is differing from other institution. IIM an IIT institutes students are having more future benefits like employment, salary etc. rather than the other institutes. The syllabus difference between Tamilnadu and Kerala. We can give much more examples to prove in equality in our education system.

According to human resource development department report in our India only 77% of the students pursuing their higher secondary studies. In which 61.6% of the students stop their studies in between of higher secondary. The total no. of schools, colleges is increased slightly when compared to previous years but the education quality is down fall. Even though the students well educated they can’t able to get a job because of non practical syllabus in many education institutions. It is the right time to introduce the “education revolution” through uniform education.

Uniform education:

In current situation only the richest students are able to get quality education in metric and private schools. The government of Tamil Nadu going to introduce uniform education system in eliminates the in equality in education. In 1960’s Gothari commission insist government of India to introduce uniform education in every states and also the committee stressed to increased the allocation of finance to the education with that committee’s recommendations the government of India introduced “Sharva Shiksha Abiyan”. But the result is not up to the level. The Government of Tamilnadu comes forward to introduce the uniform education with the recommendation of Muthu kumaran committee. Uniform education will reduce the burden of the school children through reducing the no. of books and notes and also. It will make pull stop to the indirect collection of amount from the children by way of using text books. It is the good thing in one side but in other side the quality of government school not up to the mark of private schools.

Uniform education’s other important content is crating or building near by schools to children’s. But the government of Tamil Nadu doesn’t give any matters regarding the nearest school systems. The Government of Tamil Nadu also failed to include the medium of instructions as Tamil. Because Mr.Muthukumaran committee strongly stressed about providing of education in the mother tongue. The education minister also failed to include the very important content of uniform education is appointing sufficient no. of teachers to each children in the Government Schools.


From the point of view of us and also from the point of view of experts, we wished to suggest. Some recommendation and we expect something from the Tamil Nadu education minister to develop the rural children education rate.

1. The Government must develop the infrastructure facilities. The Government schools are not having enough infrastructure facilities like in private schools.

2. It most of the rural schools the teacher student ration in too low (5 classes: 2 teachers). Merely introducing common syllabus we can’t expect uniform education development in all schools. The state Government should came forward to allocate more finance to the education development.

3. Most of the politicians like PMK leader Ramadoss expect the State Government should come forward to provide LKG & UKG education to all the rural students. Because, all the urban area students are going in the Ist standard after completing these courses. But most of the rural students are joined with out these courses. So far four committee are arranged to analyze Indians education position. All these committees are recommends one thing severally that is “nearby schools with mother tongue common schools”.

4.A childe should get its education with out going long distance. For that Government should construct more no. of schools in rural areas. So for the Government didn’t explained about the nearby schools construction.

5. Government school teachers are getting more salary than the private school teachers. But the pass percentage is too lower than the private schools. Government didn’t give more attention to praise the teachers and also punishing then when they are mislead.

6. Every year Chennai Municipality receives Rs. 70 crores as education tax. As per I April 2009 situation the idle amount is Rs. 120 crores with his amount the Chennai municipality can improve the 250 corporate schools to star category. Government should concentrate on spending collected amount towards school education development.

7. Even though the Government schools are giving free lunch, no fees, free uniforms and free text books, still most of middle a low class peoples are interested to get the appoint form the private schools. The Government should give been attention towards this actions it should find the reason.

8. Most of the rural students are stopped their education in between (nearly 70% of the students stop their education with in 10th STD) classes. The reason is poverty and also the schools infrastructure education plan, test formation and also job opportunity from the education. The Government should try to change the education system of our state. The every student should be assured with job opportunity.

9. According to latest report from 1000 students only 50-60 students are having the capability of getting jobs. It arises due to non job relevance syllabus and also lack of library facilities in our schools. So the Government should increase the library facilities in each & every schools.


Uniform education system may create an education revolution in Tamil Nadu and it will scatter over all the states. The Government also will make keen attention towards the education system in our country. We hope the uniform education syllabus will reduce the imbalance between the rural student’s knowledge and urban student’s knowledge. It is the time to create education revolution in our country. We believe our state forward its first foot step to wards education revolution. In uniform education, common syllabus is one of the foot step, still there are many foot steps are inform of us we have to cross them in order to get a quality education and also to provide quality education to our state students. Government may do and God will help them.

How Television Can Affect The Development Of Children’s Behaviour

Our children devote much of their free time to watching television – seemingly captivated by the screen. Some of the parents do use television as babysitter too! The children have continuously contact with the screen, I do wonder how the television programmes influence the way they understand and interpret both the content and the world in which they live in. Although children have everyday contact with other media and many other forms of expression and communication, visual media alone are seen as speaking “universal language” accessible regardless of age. Hence, I strongly believe that television programme does influence on children’s attitudes, knowledge and behaviour.

Parents play an important to controlling children watching television. It is essential that parents play an active role in educating their children that television is only a form of leisure activity and they should not be addicted to it. Children can relax and learn through television programmes but parents should be able to select and filter the different programmes that are suitable and catered for their children. There are some programmes on television that give bad influence and wrong interpretation of reality, and that can affect the cognitive development of children. There are too many prejudices and stereotypes put through the media, which can influence what children see and think.

Watching too much of television can actually destroy a child’s communication, social skills. It can also affect the child’s emotional development. Through the screen, everything is visual and real. It is difficult not to believe what you see and thus, for children, when they watch television, they absorb everything that is being shown. Children learn through their visual senses and process it cognitively. If they were to watch non-educational programmes, there might be a tendency that the child would learn and mimic what he sees. Their communication and social skills is influenced by what they see and learn from the television. This can be rather unhealthy.

Many parents often question me why are their child shows aggressive behaviour so often in both school and home and that they are usually imitating the actions of the cartoon characters that they have watched in the television. Hence, I believe that this sentiment goes out to many parents with young children and pre-school teachers.

Through observations, I realised that many behaviours are learned quickly through observation and imitation of others rather than gradually through the shaping process. They observed what is being showed on the television and displayed this aggression to others. These aggressions are very common in our young children now. Thus, I strongly believe that television can largely affect the behaviours of our young children.

Adults’ attitude toward watching television is very important. We cannot simply use television as a source of babysitter for our children. Instead, they should use it as an educational tool for our children to take their step into learning like showing children educational programme like Shapes ABC, etc. Hence, as parents and pre-school educators, we should preview the programme before allowing our children to watch it. We can talk to children about what they have watched and share with them our own beliefs and values. It is our responsibilities to let our child know what is right and what is wrong!

Hence, caregivers should give them more opportunities of exploring and experiencing with the world instead of gluing them to the television. In order to prevent this aggressive behaviour, parents should really consider the type of programme they show to their child. Children use their five senses and movement to experience and explore the world that they live in. Hence, we should offer them with more fun activities rather than having them spending hours in front of the television.

Piano Chord Chart Download

A piano chord chart is a very useful tool, particularly if you’re in the beginner piano lessons stage. Chords provide the basis and structure of your piano playing. The more you learn about chords, the easier will be for you to play many styles of music.

A Basic Chart for Chords on Piano

The piano chord chart available for you to download provides the basic mayor, minor and seventh chords. After you memorize many chords you’ll be able to cover other music areas such as: playing from a fake book, writing songs, piano accompaniment, improvisation, arranging, etc.

Pretty much all popular music, regardless of the style, shows the chord symbols on the staff. If you take a look at a classical piano piece, you’ll notice there are no chord symbols above the notes. Of course classical composers used chords and harmonies as the basis of their music, but it wasn’t customary then to write chord symbols.

Even today, you’ll discover that many people play classical music, and sometimes popular music, with little or no knowledge of chords. This is because they’re playing the notes exactly the way they appear on the sheet music. However, this piano chord chart will get you started, and when you know how to play piano chords, a whole new world opens before you!

Some time ago, I received a phone call from a woman saying that her teenage son heard me play piano at a private reunion, and he got my phone number from a friend. She wanted to know if I could play piano accompaniment for her son for his upcoming recital. She sounded desperate “I’ve asked 3 teachers if they could accompany my son on the saxophone, but they said they can’t do it”.

I thought it was very strange that none of the teachers could play along with her son. After I met with the mother she showed me the sheet music of the two popular songs planned for the recital. They were what we call lead sheets, in other words, sheet music with only the melody and the chord symbols above the melody notes, no left hand notes.

The reason why none of the teachers could play the accompaniment is because, although they knew how to play piano chords, they didn’t know how to use them in an accompaniment. In other words, they couldn’t do an arrangement based on chords (more about this on future lessons). As you learn more chords from this piano chord chart, you’ll see how resourceful chords can be.

I realize that you probably are not at this stage yet, but I just wanted to give you an example of the many possibilities available to you once you become proficient with your chords. This is a basic piano chord chart, and later on I’ll include a more complete chart in case you want to learn play chords on piano for more advanced players.

If you were blessed with a special ear for music, then it will be easier for you to learn chords and you’ll appreciate even more the importance and advantage of having this chord knowledge to improve your piano playing.

For now, just focus on mastering the chords on this piano chord chart and you’ll be able to play hundreds of songs. One of the fastest ways to learn piano is learning a good number of chords and knowing how to read the melody notes. So, start practicing these chords and have fun with your music!

Chords, Scales and Making Guitar Practice Fun

One of the hardest things about learning to play the guitar is that you often don’t know what to practice so you will actually become a good guitar player. Here are some ideas on how to practice chords and scales that will make guitar practice a lot more fun than just practicing a bunch of exercises.

Guitar Chords — Learn to Play Songs

There are five basic guitar chords that every guitar player needs to learn. These chords are G, C, D, E and A. Each of these basic chords have different chord shapes. A chord shape is how you fret the notes on the fretboard to play any one chord. Chord shapes are great because they are moveable. This means that once you know how to play a chord shape in one position on the neck of the guitar you can then move the shape up or down the neck to play a different chord. Your fingers will be playing the same shape but because they are at a different place on the guitar neck you will be playing a different chord.

Knowing this and the five basic chords, allows you to play any Major chord anywhere on the guitar. If you also learn the minor chords for G, C, D, E and A you will be able to use this knowledge to play just about any song on the guitar. So you can quickly get away from learning exercises and start learning to play songs.

Learning to play songs is a lot more fun than just learning chords. Learning to play songs will help you learn chords, chord positions as well as teaching you to be able to play through chord changes. Chord changes in a song force your hands to get into the new chord position quickly which will help your guitar playing immensely.

You can find the chords used for just about every song every written simply by typing the name of the song followed by the words ‘tab’ or ‘chords’ into a search engine. Tab is short for guitar tablature and shows you where to place your fingers on the guitar neck to play a chord.

Guitar Scales — Learning to Play Melody and Lead Guitar

Its no secret that scales are boring to play. Just playing the notes of a scale up and down not only become tiresome fast but it also sounds boring. Music isn’t about exercises; music is about enjoyment and playing sounds with real feeling that come from your heart and soul. If you aren’t thinking about putting feeling or emotion into what you are playing, then you may as well be typing on a computer. However, as scales are an essential part of learning to play music its a good idea to come up with some ways to make scales sound more musical.

To make scales sound more like music and less like exercises, instead of playing a scale in note sequence from the Root of the scale, up the octave and back down the octave, play your scales by skipping notes.

For example; one octave of the C Major scales comprises of the notes: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. If we name the notes in sequence with numbers we have the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. With the 1 being C, the 2 being D and so on until we reach one octave higher to 8 which is C, one octave higher than the 1 which is the Root note of the scale.

Instead of playing the notes in sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, play the notes of the C Major scale by skipping one note as we move up the scale. So play: 1 then 3 (C to E) which skips the 2 (note D). Then move to the 2 (i.e. D) and again skip, this time from the 2 to the 4 (D to F). If you continue in this manner the note sequence you play will be this: 1, 3, 2, 4, 3, 5, 4, 6, 5, 7, 6, 8. To end this sequence of so it plays nicely you can add the notes 7, 9, 8. The 9 is the D note and is one octave higher than the 2. This is called a 9th. So the 9th is the same note as the 2nd but one octave higher.

When you come back down the scale start on the 8 and skip back down. So the sequence here will be: 8, 6, 7, 5, 6, 4, 5, 3, 4, 2, 3, 1, 2, 7, 1. Notice here that we added three extra notes at the end of the sequence. We are playing the 2nd (D note), then the 7 which is the B and is one fret lower than the 1 (i.e. our Root note C) that we started on and then we finish back on the Root note, which is the 1 (i.e. C).

If you learn to play your scales using this method you will find that the notes sound a lot more musical. You can then use parts of this scale to go from playing a scale to playing musical phrases. This is a great way to develop playing melodies and in turn lead guitar.

If you want to get more sounds and become more melodic extend this concept so instead of skipping one note as you move up and down the scale skip two notes. So play: 1, 4, 2, 5 and so on.

Not only are you moving away from playing exercises and towards playing music, playing scale patterns in this way will help you learn scales a lot faster than if you just had of played them the boring way going up and down in sequence.

Keep Practice Musical

Keeping your practice musical by learning to play songs when learning chords and learning to play melody and lead when learning scales will give you a lot more enjoyment from your practice than just playing exercises. The more interesting and creative that you can make your practice the more fun you have. The more fun you have with music, the more you will want to play. And the more you play the better a guitar player you’ll become. Pick up your instrument, get creative, and have fun.

Beginners Guitar Lessons – Suspended Chords and How to Use Them

Suspended chords are cool chords for songwriters, they create intrigue, mystery and interesting sonic textures.

Why should songwriters have all the fun? Guitar players can also find many applications for these marvelous chords.

The reason why suspended chords are so popular with successful songwriters and musicians is because of the ambiguous nature of the suspended chord.

You see, when you are writing or playing a song you are storytelling. That’s the key … music is about storytelling!

Everything else that you learn about music, scales, arpeggios, chords etc., is preparing you to “tell the story”.

Before you go any further I’d like to use an analogy to help put everything in it’s proper perspective, ultimately it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Here’s my analogy … when a boxer is skipping a rope, that is part of his preparation for a boxing event, it is not boxing … it is preparation for boxing. In just the same way that a musician practices scales, that is not music, it is part of the preparation for playing music.

As we said earlier music is about storytelling … all the accumulated musical knowledge (theory) and motor skills you have developed though dedicated practice (muscle memory) should ultimately help you communicate your musical “story” to the listener.

As you know, a good movie, book or play captivates the audience immediately, you simply can’t put a good book down of change TV channels if a good movie is on!

The good writers galvanize your attention by creating intrigue, mystery and interest.

Enter the suspension chord …

Suspension chords create interest by “filling in”, they do not necessarily replace the basic chords, they are usually played when there isn’t any lyrics or when there is a number of bars of the same chord. Suspension chords are often used for introductions and endings of songs.

There are two types of suspension chords (also referred to as sustained chords), there’s the suspended 4th and the suspended 2nd chord.

The musical shorthand notation for the suspended 4th is either sus 4 or simply the number 4.

For example, “G” suspended 4th could be written as either “G sus 4” or “G4”

The musical shorthand notation for the suspended 2nd is either sus 2 or simply the number 2.

For example, “G” suspended 2nd could be written as either “G sus 2” or “G2”

Important: the suspended 4th chord can be abbreviated to simply “sus” however the suspended 2nd chord must be notated as either “sus 2” or “2”.

It would be assumed that the Gsus chord in the following example was a suspended 4th.

G /// | Gsus /// | G /// | Gsus /// ||

If I want to have the suspension chord played as a suspended 2nd I would have had to notate the chord progression in the following way.

G /// | Gsus2 /// | G /// | Gsus2 /// ||


G /// | G2 /// | G /// | G2 /// ||

What is a suspended chord?

A suspended chord is a chord where the third note of the chord is replaced by either the fourth or
second note of the scale. Hence the name suspended second where the second note replaces the third or alternatively suspended fourth where the third note is replaced by the fourth.

Here is an example in the key of “D” major.

D major scale = D,E,F#,G,A,B,C#,D

D major is spelt D, F# & A

D sus 2 is spelt D, E & A

D sus 4 is spelt D, G & A

How do you use them?

The suspended 2nd chords are passive, so they can be used in just about any situation where you want to create interest, they can even be used to replace the original major or minor chord.

The suspended 4th chord however is quite a strong chord and works best as a musical “filler” in between breaks in the melody. It also works well for introductions.

The suspended 4th chord is not recommended under the vocals as it takes the listeners attention away from the musical “story”.

What gives them their magical power?

As we mentioned earlier the suspended chord replaces the existing third note with either a second (sus 2) or fourth (sus 4). The third note of the chord is the deciding note as to whether the chord is major or minor.

Here is an example in the key of “D” major

D major chord is spelt = D, F# & A

D minor chord is spelt = D, F & A

Notice how the note “D” (the first note of the chord) and the note “A’ (the fifth note of the chord) remain the same.

The ambiguous effect created by replacing the third note with either the second or fourth note creates music with suspense and the all important musical ingredient “tension”.

Sony Playstation 3 Accessories

If you are a video game freak and crave for action, speed and entertainment through video games you must be familiar with the Sony PlayStation 3 games well. PlayStation 3 games have made their own niche in the world of video games with games like ‘211’, ‘FIFA 08’, ‘FIA World Touring Car Championship ’, ‘Tekken 6’, ‘NASCAR 08’ upon its sleeves.

There are two things which make these games the most sought after, one is their modified and advanced features, graphics; and the other is the state of the art accessories. While the Playstation3 video features are as good as anything; the accessories are the real winner. The high dimensional features and the trendy designs of the Sony PlayStation 3 accessories give other accessories a run for their money. Do you want to know about some of these accessories? Read on.

SIXAXIS is a ‘boomerang’ or ‘banana’ shaped controller. The name ‘Sixaxis’ came from the capacity of the controller to orient movements along the 3 D axes. It is wireless and operates with a Bluetooth; however it can be also operated with a connecting wire through an attached USB mini-B. The wired operation is particularly helpful for charging the battery of the controller internally. Made with translucent plastic, the Sixaxis controller possesses advanced features of the Dualshock 2 of the PS 2 club. The vibration mode of the Dualshock 2 was removed, and motion sensitive property of Sixaxis came into play. However, the controller with the vibration mode present was also introduced later.

The EyeToy of the PS 2 is updated for PlayStation Eye for PS 3 which features microphone and camera facilities.

The PS 3 utilizes the wireless Bluetooth technology and supports all kinds of microphones.

The high density optical disc formatted BD remote also is supported by the Bluetooth technology. Unlike most of the infrared based controllers, the BD remote works on radio waves and need not be directed towards the console every time to pass the signal.

One of the best accessories that PS 3 provides is the Memory Card Adaptor. It allows the users to transfer saved data and memory from PS and PS 2 to PS 3 hard disc. Previously the back transfer facility from PS 3 to the memory card was not possible; but it was subsequently modified to allow the same and also transfer of saved files to other users of the PS 3.

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